Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mud Bath Anyone

Today's blog features a newcomer to the Playdate scene this summer- Auntie Em and her little BB.
We made more messes today than I have time or energy to blog about this evening, so today's play will be brought to you in parts.
The recent storms kindly swished out the creek so we could play today. The water was cool and there was a breeze, so it was the place to be in this ghastly weather.
This was Little BB's introduction to the creek. He isn't always so sure what all these crazy kids are doing, but after observing, he usually jumps right into the thick of things.
After the creek it was time for some serious mud wallowing I had promised for the past week or two.

Hmm, interesting texture.

Don't you think it's kinda mean that I just learned to walk and you stick me in this stuff that is sucking on my feet?

Well, when in Rome....

No way I could not capture these mud puppies on film. Let's say the rest of afternoon consisted of lots and lots of washing.

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