Sunday, July 11, 2010

Gramerlings and Bridal Tea for Tim's Tonya

Rings on her fingers and rings on her toes, and she will have, um rings, wherever she goes. Buttercup enjoyed putting rings on.
I love when Handy Many is on vacation and so do the gramerlings. Now you know this is Pappy's choice of literature. It's so nice to have an extra reader, swinger, pair of hands, etc.
Time for some painting.
Pap took Bean and Raina to Squire Boone Caverns in the afternoon.
Missy Bugg and I had a date with Antebellie and Ol' Mother Hubbard. They came back to our house for an afternoon of uninterrupted little girl play. Bugg got to spend the night. She hates that being the center of attention don't you know. We had a big time planting more seeds in the garden. It will sure be interesting to see what and where some things pop up.
Speaking of Ol' Mother Hubbard, after having four big whopping poopies in less than five years she's in some serious need of hernia repair. Please keep her in your prayers for her surgery tomorrow.
Saturday was busy with Bridal Tea preparations. My brother is getting married in September and we had his bride-to-be a shower this afternoon. I made strawberry fluffs, mints, mint fizz syrup and cut a lot of flowers for today's decorations.
I have these tiny vases that I filled with tiny flowers to set amongst the tea items. They were so adorable

This is a close-up. My sisters, SZQ and Tish were working Saturday at SZQ's. Today we put all of our talent and charm together for a lovely tea. It was nice to meet Tonya's family and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

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  1. I can't believe I nearly missed this post - its so sweet and these decorations are just exquisite. I can just imagine the little gasps when they saw all the beautiful work!