Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Yes Girls, More Snow

I was trying to decide the best time to let the girls out today. I knew they wouldn't enjoy that wet falling snow. When it slowed a bit, I checked the weather. Seems it's about to get uglier with a big drop in temp and pick-up in wind.

So, I put on several layers and braved the elements.
To soften the blow of what they were about to find outside their door, I made them some warm oatmeal, egg shell, apple cereal. Of course, Arwen needed a treat, so she got warm oatmeal as well. I poured it back in the container. She likes opening her own packages.

Yes, you are pitiful.
After setting my captive pooch free to open her breakfast, I shoveled snow from in front of the girls ramp and put down two flakes of hay. They aren't so intimidated by the snow these days, so out they ran.

King Silver thinks he is personally responsible for checking out the contents of the hay flake. I don't bother spreading it around, as I wouldn't want to interfere with his job. Might call the rooster union on me or something.
Our most beautiful chicken-Owlie, has some sort of chickie girl psychological disorder. She is in the nest box-asleep, most of time. When I get her off the nest, she runs around, chattering constantly, wolfs down grain like it's her last meal, poops, then heads straight back to the nest. She isn't there to lay any eggs mind you, just sleep-Diva. Was it necessary to mention the pooping part you might ask? Yes, because she could have an egg stuck in there, and I'd have to go get it. Not a job I relish, so we're always happy about the poop.
I'm going to name this girl Stubborn. She is still brooding an empty nest, as we don't leave any eggs under her. If you set her off the nest, she just sits there.
Silver has nicely distributed the straw for a nice dry spot for Arwen when she returns from gallivanting in the snow. She won't go in her house. So everytime the weather distributes something wet and or cold, I put out some more hay. The girls snarf of the seeds and Arwen beds down on it afterwards.
I hope you have a warm place to climb in on this very wintry afternoon.

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