Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Molting or Mange

Well, it's a good thing I was well read on chickie girl behavior or I would have thought for sure my girls had mange. No, they are molting. Some are, some just look like themselves. Poor Cheeky has no cheeks anymore. She looks like her face has been shaved. They are still laying well, as we continue to get about a dozen eggs a day.
Pap's girl has a big chunk of feathers missing off her back.

Chickens can be so peculiar. Owlie sits on the nest most of the day, but doesn't lay an egg. One of the Gold Wyndottes is broody. Even when we take the eggs from under her, she won't get off the nest. It's too cold to be having babies.
Snowy's feathers are missing here and there.
I saw Mom and Kaye over the weekend. Mom got a shot in her knee. It was still sore, but she was hoping a few days would improve things. She still is having a tough time. Despite their efforts she is carrying a lot of water. All those steroids to breathe give her the shakes.
Kaye was doing well. She walked with the walker to the bathroom once. They are still after Pete about her liquids and diet. Of course the food on the dialysis diet is a horrible diet for a diabetic. He surely gets A for effort.

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