Friday, February 12, 2010

On Snow in Winter

Care to sit a spell?
I like snow. I like winter. What I don't like is snow days. Someone in our state, in their infinite wisdom decided to test our students the first week of March on standards it takes until May to cover. Take out a full week now of instruction, and I'm feeling a little hysterical. It looks as if the first of the week might find us home again.

I'm a planner and I feel a little frustrated at having to erase and re-plan, over and over again.

Plus, I love being home in June to grow the garden and the gramerlings, let the chickies out to de-tick the place, etc. I am not looking forward to trying to keep a classroom of so-done kids engaged during the first of summer
So, enough snow, okay.
It is pretty out.

I love to watch the bluebirds that make this nest box their summer home.

I've fallen and I can't get up!

The pussy willow is more confident than I that spring is just around the bend.

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