Thursday, February 4, 2010

Just a Wee Bugg

I pick up Bugg and Bean from daycare on Wednesday afternoon. On occasion, as yesterday, I only picked-up one. Bean was home sick with strep throat. Though I hate for them to be sick, I really enjoy the rare occasion of having them one on one. I hadn't spend time with just Missy Bugg in a long while. Upon arriving at the house, she immediately asked for a movie, then spied her tea cart. She quickly changed her mind since, in her words, "My tea cart is waiting right here for me."
Bugg is quite skilled at flattery. Everything I do is her favorite. She frequently tells me, "Gramerly, oo da best!" So, it's a delightful few hours.

The first pictures here are of her dancing in her princess costume a couple of weeks ago. The next ones of our tea party yesterday, and her new hair cut.
This is Princess Aurora, in case you weren't sure
Isn't she a vision?
Shall I twirl again?
Here I think she looks like she's about to belt out Animal Crackers in my Soup, or On the Good Ship Lollipop.
Whew, I bet you are tired from all that dancing. Care to join us for tea? Oh, first, the haircut.
All her blondie hair is gone, at least in the back.

"May I pour you a cup?" "Look Gramerly, I stop when I get to the top."

Hmm, there's a drop of cream left.Now for the sugar.You have to lick off the sugar.
Honestly, I did not know that little mouth would open so wide. Dee-wish-us!
Let's just slurp some off the spoon.
Oops, there's some on the saucer.

Though practicing best tea time manners has not yet become part of our afternoon party, she can swig, er drink from a cup too.
Miss Bugg is a most entertaining little guest.

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