Sunday, February 7, 2010

Bean's Turn

When Mr. Bean was too sick to visit, he inquired as to if he'd be able to come another time. Last time he was here he asked to see OL' Yeller. Handy Man Pappy dug through the archives, but was unable to locate that movie, so I lined it up in our queue on Netflix.
Why is a word pronounced "Q" spelled like that?
Anyway, it came Saturday and I picked Bean up last evening after running an errand for Kaye.

It's easier to capture him in conversation than pictures, as he chatters all the time. Watching a movie with him is more like watching a sports event where someone is explaining every little detail. I am, however much more invested and interested in what Bean has to say, than any game.
Sometimes he's talking to hear the sound of his voice, but mostly he is thinking out loud and making connections about every other thing he sees and hears. Since I feel like I spend most of my teaching time trying to get my students to do just that, his chattering is music to my ears.

In the movie, Yeller is giving the family cow the business, running her back home. Each time Yeller runs up to her Travis yells, "Bust her again." This brought up what would happen if the cow were really busted and her guts came out.
Bean "You aren't allowed to say guts at school. You can say brain or heart, eventhough they are a part of the body and guts are parts of the body, but guts are messy and gross. I'm not a doctor, so I don't much about brains and hearts."

Bean "Grandma, do you know what we say when someone is doing what they're not supposed to at school (snicker, snicker)."
Gramerly " No Bean, what do you say."
Bean We say (big laugh) "You are going be in deep doo-doo if you don't stop." Except when I say it to "P" I mean she really IS going to be in deep doo-doo.

I was trying to explain to Bean about what a Jack Ass is, as that is what the main character has in the movie. I then said, "Bean, some people prefer you don't say Jack Ass, or actually use the word ass outloud at all, so it probably isn't a good idea to talk about Travis' Jack Ass at school.
Bean " Well, on Dirty Jobs, Mike was on a job and said, "That is one big ass burner."
Seriously, it is so hard for me not to just laugh right out loud, but he continued,
" So, I think if you just say it in a sentence like that, no one will get upset."
Gramerly " Well, you might be right, but sometimes it's best to play it safe and just not say it all, or like maybe if you are in the shower or something.
Bean " Well, can't you at least say it to your own family like your mom and dad and grandparents.'
Gramerly "If they don't mind if you say it, then you can."
Bean "Do you mind?"
Gramerly " You can say anything to me that you need to say."
Bean " Grandmas are awesome."

Fess Parker is Jim in Ol' Yeller and of course the beloved Davy Crockett in Bean's favorite movie. I said something about in real life and Bean declared, "Oh, this is real, it's just when Davy was a lot older and after Polly died." Oh.

He is reading. I bought him some of those awful early readers, where a poor soul tries to make up a story with just you know like seven words. We read several in addition to several I read with a bit better storyline. I can't believe he's already reading.

At night he wants to read all of his Sweet Dream cards. It's like a deck of cards, but with an old reproduction of a picture with children and fairies and angels on one side and a sweet poem or quote on the other. He always picks out angels ones to read first, because I like angels. He has several cards memorized already, so he "reads" those to me. Then he sleeps with his favorite under his pillow.
He is a delight.

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