Monday, March 3, 2014


Yep, iced in again. Burrrrrr, so frosty this morning.
So, we've lost a full week of spring break.  Anymore days will eat into summer break.  There will only be six playdates this summer as it is, so I'm hoping this is our last day of winter.
Bean, Bugg and I have begun planning their science projects.
Thursday's playdate explored how far germs fly when we sneeze, and if a barrier makes a difference.

First we filled balloons with confetti.

 You use a pump to blow up the balloon so not get the confetti damp.
 Bugg thought popping the balloon was a bit unnerving and passed the responsibility on to her big brother.
 My, those germs flew seven feet!

My little Giddy-Up wasn't so sure about all that popping, but he needed some safety glasses and enjoyed playing volleyball with the balloons.

Next, we created a barrier and recreated the experience.

The barrier stopped almost all the germs.
Next, some different kind of bubble fun.

Ol' Mother Hubbard celebrated her birthday this week. She's long wanted a donkey at the farm, so I indulged her daydream with some donkey shortbread and a great resource. Can I say there is no end of fun to be had with this birthday theme.
A more special birthday lunch was in the works for yesterday at Aunt SuZQ's, but we were iced out.
Prayers today for Ol' Mother Hubbard's family as her husband's mother is spending her last earthly days  with them.  Auntie GLou has been one of her caretakers for some time.  Sad.

I've read this weekend away, spent
some time on a devotional I need to share at a Spring Tea next Saturday. Today I need to get moving and pack away every last snowman and get some spring stuff springing up around here!


  1. i remember blowing those thick bubbles but can't remember how we did it? i think ours was a mix that came in a tube already made?

  2. I love your science experiment! If you have to be snowed in at least do it with glitter and sparkle! But it really is a great idea and way for kids to learn and understand. Love your pictures!!!