Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Break Yes, but Spring? Take Two

Hmm, well I managed to do something wrong trying to post. A picture ended up being on here twice, I tried to cut it and it became gigantic and I could not get it to do anything else.  Ughhhhh. So, let's try this again.
Monday was candy making Playdate, but the forecast predicted a high in the forties, so thought we should soak up some of that warm sunshine.  Out we went, and in just about two minutes I came right back and depleted the closet of all manner of gloves, hats and coats to keep us moderately comfortable in temperatures that were like thirties. We looked like a band of roving squatleys.
Bean doesn't go far without a wee shadow trying to keep up on little legs.

This is such a different year. Bean is so big and now a big help to me on Playdates.

Baby Boy still needs a little help sometimes.

The girls are selling ice cream. Umm, better change that to hot cocoa and perhaps they'll get a few customers.

Is there a boy behind that pole?

Previous playground experiences had Giddy-Up steering clear of all things slidish. Now he is fearless.

My girlies had all kinds of fun on this contraption.

Egg, er I mean kid roll.


It cracks me up that even though they start separately, they end up in a pile before reaching the bottom.

Candy Making Time

 Giddy-Up napped through the first round of candy making. When he got up there were only three little pieces of candy on the table yet he exclaimed, "Oh, those are beautiful."  Then he ate them.
Some of the those molds have been used over twenty years.  But my those chocolate melty wafers have gotten so expensive.  They love making them their own selves and you better believe each one of them knows the exact candy they made.
It was a good day.


  1. What fun! We have a great park just a bit down the street from my house, and my grandchildren love to go there.

  2. why is AL in shortpants? she's crazy.

    1. I know, I couldn't look at her goose bumpy legs, though she declared she was fine. I guess slinging sixty pound kids around warms you up fairly quickly.

  3. What great pictures! The kids are adorable - both in the playground, rolling down the hill, and gathered around the table! And I agree - spring?? What's that? It's certainly not here in New England! I also like the Last Supper plaque on your wall. My daughter went to Indiana on business a couple of months ago and she said she has NEVER met such nice, kind people as those she encountered in Indiana. Every single one. Kudos to your state :)
    So bluebirds are in decline? Or their habitat is? Gee, I wonder if that's why we're getting so many when we have never had them before!
    Have a great weekend,

    1. Donna, I think you are getting them because there has been a big push to provide for them oh, for ten to twelve years. I had hardly ever laid eyes on one through most of my life. Now, they are everywhere. We watch the boxes and remove "oh bad parwhoas" as my grandson called them. English sparrows are not native and the nest over bluebird nests, destroy the eggs and will outright kill the bluebirds. That was a big problem in addition of lack of fields and old trees that suburban sprawl provided. That Last Supper plaque came with this old farmhouse we purchased 26 years ago and has never moved from the spot we found it in. I'd love to know how long it's been there. Glad your daughter found such friendliness. Looking forward to a warmer weekend. Thanks.

  4. Your play dates are always wonderful! Filled with lots of smiles! I do wish Amara had lots of cousins to roll down a hill with -- your gang look so cute in their hats and gloves. At least some of the snow is melting so that you can see the hill!