Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Interlude

Today is a gray, balmy, near seventy, Eeyorish afternoon.  Expecting some big winds, and Pandora is flickering in and out as I type.  A bit different from last Friday afternoon's big Valentine snow.

Every single thing covered.

Yesterday I was still slipping on ice on my way to work and now today a weird sort of springish weather.
It is still strange to me to have tornado watches in February. I remember when that only happened in April.

My latest read is the book Living Successfully with Screwed Up People.  No, sorry, it doesn't tell you how to twitch your nose and make them disappear.  I can't say I learned much that was new.  Basically, you stop letting them get to you, or you cut ties with the person.  Ah, if it were that  easy.

I used my snowed in Saturday to finally sort through the mess of an attic room upstairs and get it all back in order.  Now I'm working on the mess of the kid's room/craft room.  Ughhh, I am pig pen.
This Saturday I'm off to a bee class.  I am going to help Bean do his science project on bees.  I did that with his dad too.  I think I'm in the .5% of grown-ups who like science fair projects. Of course, I have to do one with Missy Bugg as well.  I have several for her to look at, but I think she'll like the one  where you pop balloons full of confetti to illustrate how far your germs fly when you sneeze.  We'll see.
Handy Man just got all the downed limbs cut up, but I fear if we have the expected winds, he will have more.
I hear the thunder. Better get this up and unplugged.
Hope you are warm and safe and dry wherever you are.

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  1. This roller coaster weather is just crazy! As for Science Fairs -- my complaint isn't that most parents don't do them with their children. They do them FOR their children!