Friday, March 7, 2014

Big Day for a Small Fry

Whoo wee, it is Friday and I am whooped, but I want to record a bit of Giddy-up's big day at my school.  Since discovering Calvin and Hobbs he's been wanting to go to school.  I like for them to see where I work and for people I work with to see them.  I asked the principal and the pre-school teacher and everyone was agreeable. Today was the big day.
He came to visit yesterday evening and had a big fun time with Bean and Bugg.  He spent the night and I knew it was time to get him up when, mimicking my outdoor critters, I heard crowing over the baby monitor.
I had his breakfast on the table and he happily questioned, " Oh, blueberries for breakfast?"  "Can I have some?"  He is at that "thrilled with life" stage and I love being around to watch his excitement and enthusiasm.
He also asked me, "Why aren't you at work?"  Crack-up. I reminded him I was going to work and he was going with me.  He walked in my room, looked it all over and said, "This is beautiful."  I love looking through the eyes of a two year old.
Lots of pictures today, so he can go back over the day with his Mama and Papa.
Wow, are all those kids coming in here?
 Time to take a little seat and try my hand at cutting.
 This is my new friend Noah. His mommy and my Gramerly teach together and he helped me out all day.
 Oh, so "E" is for Easter Egg, eh?  More cutting?
 Is that the number 5?
 Wow, we get to play with toys too!

 We are celebrating Dr. Suess this week.
 I am helping my teacher with the story.  She said I was a perfect student all morning.

 Yum, you get to have a snack.
 What's this?  A second snack, a Cat in the Hat?  This is my kind of place. Not only did I meet a room full of 3 and 4 year olds, but these big 3rd graders helped us make our treat.  This was my favorite part and I ate it all.  I charmed the socks right off that 3rd grade teacher. She was so impressed with how well I could follow directions.
 Oh, such sweet teachers to let me come and visit.
 I best give them a big ol' hug!

When preschool was over, he came to spend a few minutes more in my classroom.  It was a very special and good day!


  1. What a wonderful day!!!! His very own first day at school! Thanks for sharing it!

  2. I'm so glad he had such a great time...sweet boy.