Saturday, March 29, 2014

An Asian Adventure

This was our first stop.  Small sign, side door, no heat.
After spring break, my fifth graders will embark on an adventure to WWII and Japan.  Since I have so few kiddos this year, with parents so willing to haul us around town, I wanted to plan  field trip to an Asian grocery and a Japanese restaurant.  So, Rae and Giddy-up and I sat out to have an Asian experience last Wednesday.
Giddy-up was endlessly fascinated.
Lots of long aisles and screaming colors coming at cha'.
Of course, he was with Gramerly and had already chosen a treat when the cashier gave him a star sucker. Happy Boy

 We were putzing around, waiting for the restaurant to open when we saw a sign for an International Grocery, so thought we'd check it out.  Giddy-up found all that pretty glass fascinating and questioned, "What is dose?"  Mostly it was filled with these colorful pipes and beer.  There were some hard to find Chana Dal lentils for a mere $10.99, um, no thank you.
Next stop, the used book stores, not much Asian here I fear and way too high prices for used books.

Love this puzzle from a family picture. Great for pre -lunch entertainment.

Yummy appetizer.

For Giddy-up the chopsticks were the hit of the day. After being utensils they were used for airplanes and all manner of other things. 

Everything we had was yummy. This was that sticky rice Korean dish.

 It was a great day.
I've enjoyed this break.  This evening Bean and Bugg and I will complete their science boards.
A friend's spring break will never be forgotten.  She was on a trip with her youngest girl, a senior, and was called home.  Her son, recently married, died unexpectedly.  It is believed to be as a result of meningitis. She lost a child seven years ago in a car accident.  Our community is so very heartbroken for this poor family.  Her name is Tess and I believe she can use every single prayer and sweet thought anyone wants to share.

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  1. What a wonderful day and your class is going to love their field trip. Your food looks delicious, too! I love Asian foods of all kinds -- except I don't do sushi -- at least no raw fish!

    My heart goes out to your friend Tess.