Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Waiting

So yesterday was our long awaited family party. It seems a long time in coming this year, as we had a big surprise for our grown-up kids.
First things first. I hung a blanket between the kitchen and living room, so the gifts were out of sight. We munched on appetizers and had our last Advent. Each child's family in turn lit the candle. The Advent focus was on thankfulness, so we each shared things for which we were thankful.
1st Lt. 's Family
Bean is old enough to do the honor.
Drummer Boy's family
Rae-Rae and Michael showing signs of their upcoming family.

Better blow out the candles before moving onto gifts.

Handy Man has made a cradle each time one of his own starts a family, along a few other odds and ends. A few years ago his niece, Old Mother Hubbard, commissioned a set of barrister bookcases. Since then, I've thought it would be nice for each of our kids to have something that would be in use all the time,from their daddy, as opposed to a cradle, that often ends up stored. So, he started on the bookcases months and months ago and trying to keep it secret has been difficult. Throughout the year, I picked up books,as I found them, that I thought would be of high interest. We are all big readers around here, and lots of our conversations are around a book someone is reading. A bookcase seemed a most appropriate gift.

I am sorry to not yet have a whole picture. When I was downloading the piks today, I noticed that the full length ones include a reflection of me, uh, in my nightgown. I won't be posting those.
These are the type of bookcases where the glass panel on the front swings up and slides back into the case.
Not only were they made by their Daddy, the wood came from a tree that fell in area after a tornado. That old cherry tree has been turned into some beautiful wood furniture. There's enough left for one more cradle.
Lots of merry making and good times.

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  1. These bookcases are beautiful. I believe these are sometimes called barrister bookcases. They would be much appreciated by my family members, as we are book lovers, too. In fact, three of my grandchildren, both of my daughters and one of my friends received books from me for Christmas.