Friday, December 17, 2010

Chickens in Ice

Slip Sliding Away

The path to Cluckingham Palace all covered with ice.

I felt I'd been fever free for awhile, so I decided to brave the elements and venture out into Iceville today. My thought was to take care of palace and give Handy Man a night off. I feel a little overcome with guilt when I've been home all day and he has to go out in the cold to deal with my girls.
First, I cleaned out the frig, and heated up some yummy leftover dibs and dabs. Next, I suited up in an interesting variety of layers.

Do you have some of these? Handy man warned me not to go out without them. He refers to them as my cleats. Ever since Kaye's fall and brain injury, I feel quite anxious on slippery surfaces. Even with them on, the above pictured path seemed daunting, so I tossed some hay I was carrying to the chicken yard across the ice. Thankfully, I didn't slip or slide once.

Reports from Cluckingham this week have been that most girls weren't too interested in venturing out either. I guess that warm food was calling to them. Out they poured, with my Kingly Caillou, the wonder rooster right behind.
Caillou, if you recall, is my knight in shining armor, only bested by the Handy Man. I stood by the palace forever before Silver King would finally come out. He's mean and hateful.
I wasn't quick enough to capture my Knight reminding Big Cat Daddy of his place. As soon as Silver King got too close to me, Caillou swung around and nailed him, sending him scurrying the opposite direction. So finally, I was able to get in the coop and gather the eggs. The water was nearly empty so I took it in to clean and refill.

Even warm goodies weren't enough to entice Snow White out. She is my last remaining Andalusian. She's been a good layer, but she's very small. See how they keep their wee tootsies warm? Under those toasty warm breast feathers.
Alas, when I returned, Silver King had also returned to the coop, so my plan failed and Handy Man had to put the water in anyway. I know if I go in the coop with him, one of us will leave harmed (uh Silver King, not Handy Man). Since I won't go near him without Caillou, Arwen or the shovel, it wouldn't be me.

Lastly, I headed to school to wrap up some business, where my temperature shot straight back up and sent back to hibernating on the couch with my cough and knitting.


  1. I don't have any cleats, but down here in South Texas, I rarely need them! I hope you get well soon. It's terrible to be ill at Christmas.

  2. Bean says you should have gone into the coop with the shovel and Silver King.

  3. What beautiful chickens!! The couch is a good place to be when not well especially with knitting and especially in cold weather. Best wishes.

  4. No fever today-woo, hoo.
    Silver King needs to have a meeting with the shovel for true!
    Thanks for visiting!