Sunday, December 5, 2010

Advent Attempt

"Prepare ye the way of the Lord!"
I like to at least make an effort to kick off the Christmas Season with Advent.
We all like turkey leftovers turned into turkey salad, so I had the family out last Sunday for turkey salad. We get out the kid's nativity set, and I tell the history again as they make decisions about where the characters should go.

Lots of wee babes in this manger.
After we eat, we light the first candle, and read scripture. Bean got to use the matches to light the candle. We lit it several times over so Bugg and Buttercup could blow it out.
In addition to candle lighting, Bean can now take off the backs and put in new batteries all by himself.
It delights me to watch them play.
Even ol' Blue Eyes was content to join the fun for a few minutes, before having to be returned to his beloved personal recliner-Pappy.
Bean has ever been infatuated by babies-must be a genetic tendency. Buttercup wants to play too. Bugg is still trying to decide how many tiiinny babies belong in a Bethlehem stable.
Alas, Blue Eyes is weary of play with Gramerly, so Bean joins him on the couch with Pappy.

Kaye Note- Her infection seems to be again arrested and she is getting through dialysis. Hopefully, she'll be coming home from the hospital today.

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