Wednesday, December 22, 2010

After the Christmas Party

It seems another tradition is staying on at Gramerly's after the family Christmas party. Bean and Bugg ask to spend the night almost every Wednesday night that they visit. Everytime I have to say, "No sweetie, remember Gramerly has to go to work tomorrow?" It is nice to say, "Yes!"

On Monday we grabbed Miss Raina and headed to Choo-choo Pizza to meet Ms. Glitzy her little ones for a summer playdate reunion. After lunch we went to the Science Center to see my mostest favorite claymation flick, "Twas the Light Before Christmas." Bean and Bugg have seen this for the third year in a row, but are still as thrilled. We explored all things science for the rest of the afternoon, then headed home to pick-up Pappy.

Next, we drove to Santa Claus and visited the light show at Rudolph Lake. I have those glasses that make headlights look like giant snowflakes, stars, angels, etc. The children enjoyed viewing life through those lenses on the ride over. Rudolph Lake, as you might guess, has a light show that depicts the story of Rudolph. It was adorable.
We sang Christmas carols all the way to Miss Raina's door.

Yesterday morning we broke out the new games and enjoyed playing for awhile and then moved onto to more science.
Though we've had quite enough snow and ice to suit me this December, we haven't had colored snow. Um, well, not these colors anyway.

Put a tiny scoop of magic powder in the cup, add water, and watch.
It is growing.
Though she belongs to 1st Lt., Miss Bugg inherited her Uncle Drummer Boy's disease of being allergic to looking directly into the camera. She will give you one swift direct glance, but before the focus is set, she's either batted her eyes for cut her eyes away. By the time of this fifth re-take, she was in stitches.
Now let's try blue.

Yep, blue works as well.
Now to grow some fish eggs. Just drop the teeny tiny eggs in water.
Check in an hour.
Check the next day. They feel so neat.

Alas, time to pack those poopies up for home.
On the way, I had to stop for gas. Upon informing the gramerlings of my plans, Bugg gasped, "Gas!" as if she had never heard the word, then exclaimed, "I thought Pappy was the gas-getter."
Off to the community college to drop off portfolios and grades, and get ready for my Christmas evening with Ol' Mother Hubbard's cupboard of wee folk.

Kaye- Yesterday they did a culture to determine what type of infection she has and put in a picc line. She always has to have those very potent antibiotics. She is at herself again. We don't yet know how Christmas will be.


  1. Those beautiful children will remember FOREVER these special times you've created for them!

  2. Thank you, that surely is my hope!