Monday, July 27, 2009

Jammin' at Gramerly's

Buttercup's drum solo.

Bean tuning up. After doing so, he asked me if I noticed the music sounded different. That was easy to answer with an honest, "Yes." He said, "Well, that's because I turned all my signals the same direction." I was wondering.

Missy Bugg on the drums in her "color shirt" and her tutu, worn over her sundress. She is jammin' and stylin'.

What a handsome guitarist with all his signals now going the same direction.

Buttercup showing off her littlest teeth, her biggest eyes and her best smile.
I guess because her Daddy is a drummer, I got a CD called Drum Circle and put it on whenever Buttercup comes to play. She loves it and dances with the music. This time, all the kids enjoyed playing their instruments along with the CD.
Did you see smoke coming out of my kitchen this weekend. Woo,who it was a whirlwind of life, happy and sad, and needing some home cooked blessings. A beautiful new baby boy, the loss of a friend's beloved mother, a new principal needing to meet her staff. I'm resting my rolling pin and cinnamon roll recipe for a few days.
More happy news, Rae Rae and Michael are about to become homeowners-much excitement for them. They are looking for a frig and a gas stove and other things to fill their new home. Recently, they were blessed with a couch, tables, dresser and lamps. It is fun to watch. I remember being in that place thirty years ago. We still have the dresser and nightstand we purchased from someone for thirty-five dollars. What a great investment, both in the marriage and the furniture-ha.
Oh, you know, there's some unhappy news too. After being on antibiotics for four days, so strong they required a pic line, Kaye's temp is 104 and she is packed in ice water drenched wash cloths as we speak. An infectious disease doc has been called in. And our hearts break for her again.
Do you ever wonder if you just don't have the prayers right, you haven't said them enough, what, what, what?


  1. The children are absolutely beautiful. I especially enjoyed seeing the outdoor fun with the paints and the book reading on the blanket. Good old fashioned fun.....

    Love the 'signal' idea. I'll tell my son to try it on his guitars. LOL

    (Thanks for visiting my blog! )

  2. Well, you know, I sure agree with the beautiful part.
    Glad you stopped by.

  3. You are the best Grandma EVER.
    Love you