Saturday, July 25, 2009

C'mon Coffee

My list of things to do today is way longer than I am. I slept too long from being up too late and I'm so needing this coffee to do it's thing. I was with Pete and Kaye at the emergency room last night. Through a rather circuitous and difficult route Pete finally received the answers he's been seeking all week, to tests taken last week, at 8:45 pm -insane, ridiculous. Pete was right. The symptoms they've ignored for weeks is C-Diff and a UTI that cannot be treated by the antibiotic they've had her on. So, even though those tests were taken right at Floyd and the results were right there, she still had to spend hours in the emergency room being stuck and annoyed and agitated all over again. She told us to get rid of her that she wasn't worth anything, and she's not kidding or being overly dramatic. She is flat out weary. Who in the world could blame her. I always think I'm through crying about it, because I know crying doesn't do any good, but cry I did because it was just sad and that's all. I feel like if Pete could ever just come across someone who cared and would listen and see the whole picture that constitutes a real person instead of just a lung, or a bladder, much of her suffering could be avoided. Okay, so this antibiotic for C-Diff is way strong and must be given IV for several days and oh, it can cause seizures. Heaven help us.

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