Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I Believe in Miracles

How nice on this delightfully cool and clear summer morn, to give a positive report on Kaye.
Her lengthy wake times have continued. I was with her Fri., Sat., Sun. and all through the evening yesterday, and she was awake and interactive most of that time. It is literally like someone flipped a switch and she was turned back on.
She was like that on Friday, but I didn't know if it was because she was just too sick too rest at all.
The regular doc on Friday was kind of like, "Well, I don't think it's her gallbladder and Pete may just have to accept that this is how it is, and you just never know with brain injured patients, she may not ever be able to eat, blah, blah, blah." When Pete refused to accept that for an answer, doc-man finally called in a gastro-guy. No heaving at all yesterday and she actually was hungry and asking for dinner. She ate about half of her yogurt and one third of her banana, which is the most she's eaten for me. She did feel a little queasy once or twice, but nothing like Friday and Saturday- a miracle. In direct opposition to the first doc I mentioned, this fellow wants her off the tube feeds as soon as possible. I'm in love with him.
Last night when I was there, I asked her what she was going to do when she got home and she said, "Get cleaned up." I'm guessing that has been bothering her and Pete too, cause he showed up with her special soap, lotion, gown, towels from home, finger nail brush, etc. and we gave her a thorough scrubbing.
Pete does plan to take her home when she is released, which might be today.
It is very sweet and sad to watch Pete with her. He is so obviously thrilled with this progress that he is making big plans. He is going to take her home, bring her this weekend to see the chickie girls, and go the the tulip festival in Michigan next spring. The cart a little ahead of the horse perhaps, but hope is a good thing.
Pete was so thrilled with all of his birthday greetings and rather shocked that money fell out of some. Thanks so very much for thinking of him. He so needed the lift in spirits.
Brain injury wise, it continues to be interesting and strange. She recognizes most everyone when she sees them, but often cannot name names, or doesn't know who you mean without seeing the person. She remembered that Pete's car broke down and wanted to know if it was running good now, but doesn't know who stayed with her yesterday. I believe her speech continues to improve, but I'm also getting better at understanding and following the direction our conversation is going. Folks who stop by are still having a difficult time understanding her.
Still, amazing progress over five days. The most we have seen-praise the Lord!

Now, I must get ready for the little people today- play with chickie girls, go to the park, check out the creek-tons of fun!

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