Monday, November 3, 2014

Looking for Happy

While the news remains bleak with my brother, I find myself looking for some happy and I find it
 all around.

  • Siblings who go the distance
  • An Uncle Jimi signature bandana with some hippie smelling essential oils he would love from my daughter
  • Good and Godly counsel from a friend
  • The book trailer for Margaret Bloom's new book about peg dolls. I can't help it, I love them.
  • Adorables- I mean seriously

  • A Handy Man backrub
  • A teacher evaluation done and I didn't mess up too bad
  • someone who shows up at the hospital to just hold your hand and your heart for a minute
  • so many prayers

1 comment:

  1. Those wonderful trick or treaters would make anyone feel a bit happier! Sending you a hug -- hope things for your brother improve.