Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Uncle Jimi

Oh dear, that old fatigue, a hateful guest.  I did not mean to post this without words, in fact, did not think I did, but I clicked and there they were.
Uncle Jimi has been in intensive care since Monday, with a host fighting for his life.
Somehow he grew a potassium level of 10.  With the norm being 3.5 to 5, he took it upon himself to astound a great deal of medical staff, none of which has ever seen such levels. This astronomical anomaly resulted in heart failure, not once, but three times.

They've managed to lower the levels, but now can't seem to manage blood pressure and are not finding success in getting him off the vent.

This feels like deja-vu.
Kaye had a Pete. Jimi doesn't have a mate.  Tish has been giving full support to his care and his boys, siblings, and many nieces and nephews are circling the wagons.

I took this picture to hang up in his room.  I guess I don't want anyone to forget there is a person inside of that severely sedated patient.

We've again, with another sibling, been thrown into the deep dark woods.  Just looking for a clearing, even if for only awhile.  I would be grateful for your prayers.

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  1. What a wonderful collection of photos. He makes a great Santa Claus.