Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Lazarus Come Forth

Leaving the hospital this evening, I didn't know if I wanted to do a little joy dance, or collapse in a heap  outside the door.  It is like Jimi has risen from the dead and I mean that literally.  All kidney functions good, blood pressure stable, sugar straight up normal, no temp and blood building on its own.  In addition, combing his hair, thrilling at a Q-tip, answering every question from people from every department since it is all new again after being transferred back to Kindred, signing his own admission forms, sitting up by himself,  and fully understanding where he is and what is going on. It is a miracle and would be Thanksgiving to God, holiday or no.
Today is day 30 of this health crisis.  When we were in ICU over the weekend, they allowed him to have a sponge dipped in ice water, all he wanted, which he handled fine.  Last night we moved to Kindred and they said they did not follow the same protocol as Jewish and he absolutely could not have his ice cup. Just stab me.  So, whenever they come in to do something that takes awhile I take the opportunity to grab lunch, or just get some air.  The head honcho nurse I'd met before came in to change his picc dressing. I like her a lot and knew he was in good hands, so I left for bit.  Before I left, when they were moving him he complained that his shoulder was sort of stiff and sore and they asked if he wanted an ice pack. He said he'd try it.  Well the ice pack is ice in a ziploc bag, so I wrapped it in a towel, put it  under his shoulder and left  him in the capable hands of the nurse.  When I returned the admission clerk was there, floored by the dramatic change, as everyone who saw him before during the three day Kindred Hell debacle has been.  Anyway, she said as she was preparing to leave that she would get him a pitcher for his ice. I said, "Um, what ice?"  She said, "That ice in the bag he's eating out of ."  Of course, on one hand, I wanted to laugh my fool head off.  Yeah, his brain is working just fine thank you. On the other hand, this is the very thing that make Tish and I terrified to leave him.  So, we've told him will keep his secret if he  promises not to ever do it without  us and he said he understood and would behave himself.  He also knows tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I wouldn't have minded getting that past him.  I told him as soon as he could eat I'd make him Thanksgiving.

Though we've had to do some rearranging, I have managed Playdates some.  This is an awful picture but still-
 Giddy-Up asked his Mama days ago, if Gramerly was bringing treats to Thanksgiving.  She said, "Yes, Gramerly is bringing pies!"  He said, "I'm going to bed till Thanksgiving."  Ha.  So when they came last week we made turkeys from caramels and cookies and Pilgrim hats from rollos and miniature oreos, only Giddy-Up thought the turkeys needed hats.  Fine by me.
 So there will be additional treats to the pies I've made this evening.
Last week, I took Miss Bugg to shop for our Samaritan's Purse shoeboxes. She took it so seriously and several times I offered to get her something as well, but no she just wanted to pack those boxes a full as possible.  She determined with each item, what could come out of its wrapper so it would take less space.  She was very troubled that a nite-nite(blanket) wouldn't fit in there, as she just can't imagine not having one.  So sweet.  Ceece met me at the store after the hospital that evening, as the boxes were due the next morning at church, and in the events of the month, I'd completely forgotten.  But the Bugg and me got er' done.

 I hope you hug all your people extra tight and if you are able to sit up and eat ice, or pie, or a pilgrim hat, I hope you are so very thankful.  God Bless!



  2. I am so thrilled for all of you! Hope you get some rest now, too. A belated Happy Thanksgiving -- and I did get and give lots of extra hugs!