Saturday, November 8, 2014


It is cold and dark this November morning.  A bit of coffee and time for reflection before heading to the CCU for my Saturday vigil.  It sounds like I'll do more than sitting, as Uncle Jimi is very slowly waking up.
I find Halloween through November 8 are challenging days to face each year.  Kaye thought toddlers were the greatest thing ever and she loved Halloween.  Of course that is true for Uncle Jimi too.  To say I was generally miserable and out of sorts this past Halloween is putting it mildly.
But on this homegoing anniversary day, I find that at least a part of me is grateful.  Reliving this intensive care nightmare has been an excellent reminder, that in spite of missing, I would never wish her back to the pain and suffering she knew.
I've been out this dark, frostbitten morning.
Nightgown, scary hair, wooly sweater and flip-flops. Is it still Halloween?
  No, just something I needed to see this morning.

Some hope in dark and cold.

And there she is- Kaye's rose.

Thank you Lord. It is enough.

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  1. Kaye's rose is beautiful. I'm glad it helps. Hope things get brighter soon.