Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Slip, Slip, Slide

That's how this summer feels, like it is slip sliding away.
With the new balanced calendar we have a total of a whole six Playdates, and three are already a sweet memory.
I love what Playdate gives us.  Time to be outside and disconnected from technology and air conditioning. Well, since most of my big people have crossed the Smart Phone bridge of no return, they are ever sneaking a peek at something, but the wee ones, it is all water and play.  I have to laugh at the big people texting while they are knee deep in the creek.
I must be honest and say my favorite part of Playdate is when I recover enough to look at the pictures taken throughout the day.  Otherwise, it kind of takes all my thought processes to count heads and keep them fed and watered all day.  A week ago Monday our Playdate population totaled 38.  Whew.
So this year's pictures look much like last year's and the one before that.  The kidlets have an expectation of what the day should be.
Participants begin arriving at 9, unless like last time, three were already here, having spent the night.  Usually we begin at the wee splash park pavilion.  Where, no matter how old you grow, you don't really tire of pouring water.

It always makes me kind of sad the way we constantly segregate children by age.  During this session of, according to Baby Boy, "bab-buh-tizing" each other, the children ranged from 3 to 13.  Giddy-up being the least, learned to weave his way around and the big ones who knew he wouldn't take to being bab-buh-tized, didn't attempt it.   Amazing, they managed it perfectly.  In case your wondering, the girls in the back are lounging in what they refer to as "The Hot Tub."

Shark riding is always a delight.

A lot of scientific experimenting is done under the pavilion with mint harvested from the garden.  These minty concoctions are then used for mouth spray, antiperspirant, bug spray and perfume. Baby Boy said his experiment would turn the girls into pussycats and boys to werewolves, so beware.

A steady stream drift from the water to the paint and art blooms all over the pavilion.

 No one it seems, but the chickie girls I'm guessing, tire of chicken tending.

Frequent excursions are made by varying groups to the tree fort.

And this boy, in his cape, has finally learned to drive this jeep and has put about five hundred miles on it this summer.

 Fighting over who gets Mr. Smiley to give us his best grin goes on all day long. Oh lands, I can't stand how adorable this boy is.  Ol' Mother Hubbard says I say that about everyone of them.

 When everyone is content, I leave specific folk in charge of the littles and run in to pop the corn and fill bowls with popcorn and another with cheese cubes, meat sticks, raw vegies and fruit, with something exciting like blueberry milkshakes thrown in now and again.  We herd them in, wash hands and eat lunch.

Aunt SuZQ arrives to keep us hydrated through these hot and humid afternoons with spearmint tea.

Well, they can't be put off any longer, so to the creek we go.  Here again, we see all manner of the older ones handing down their creek wisdom to youngest, like our little Westerly Wind making his first creek visit. 
He was delighted and not the least bit happy to leave.

We get lots of minnows, and crayfish, which delight, but the best find is a frog and must be showed around.
When I can haul them out we head back to house for a good hosing with orange Dial soap to remove all traces of swamp water.  Then it's time for a story and snack. The rest of the afternoon is often a repeat of the morning, unless it is a special day. 
Then, rinse, wash and repeat and feed whoever remains there for  supper.
Finally, the day winds down just chillaxing on the front  porch, rocking our sweet babies.  

By this time every ounce of my energy and creativity is a long time gone. But, I can't seem to come up with any better way to spend it.  Thank you Lord, for the blessings of all my people and for watching over us!


  1. Now if memory serves me correctly 38 is a lot more campers than you have for students during the year! Wow! That is a lot of children but your pictures sure show it is all worth it! They are learning and loving it and teaching others, too! 38?????

    1. A lot of the 38 were adults who stick around with their littles. Yeah, a huge jump from last year's classroom and this year's too it appears. That many weren't here all at once. A handful were here from start to finish, but many others came and went throughout the day.