Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Tah Dah!

Well, I did get my room closed up, Sunday School taught, the first Playdate accomplished and the first Sew Excited Workshop day down. And I'm still upright, but am feeling a big need for a nap.
I really enjoy teaching this little Sunday School of ages K-6.
Playdate was a cool one, high 79 degrees here, my favorite weather.  My energy doesn't disappear so quickly when it is below 80.  I need all the energy I can muster on ten hour Playdates.
I have a new helper this year. Jenna wasn't able to be here for opening day, but came last Friday and got the lay of the land and met Bean, Bugg and Giddy-up.  She taught them a new creek activity that they couldn't wait to show the rest of the kids.
Using rocks and other found items to make paint.  It is rather amazing all the colors they came up with. Miss Sydlee has quite a palette.

This is how you get fierce warriors.
 Soon we were all painted.

Giddy-up wasn't the least bit intimidated by the notion of a pinching crawdad.

The catch and release program was in full swing.

 Our little Westerly Wind has gotten so big.

The usual opening day ceremonies- the summer tee shirt, which we tie-dyed.

 Some hammock time.

Some foraging for mulberries and honeysuckle.  My woods are full of sprites.

A new little Playdater, Missy Toddles, having some carrots.
Supper around the campfire Bean started. He's getting good at this fire business. A boy after his Gramerly's fire loving heart.

I am completely worn out!

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  1. TEN HOURS? I would be exhausted, too! Sure looks like they all had fun - love the pictures! Amara doesn't get out until June 19th and I can't wait!!!