Monday, September 30, 2013

This and That and Then Some

Home today and glad I made that decision last week.  It was a hectic week.
I spent all day Friday at my ol' stomping grounds with Bean and Bugg.  The original school, since more than doubled, is where I attended school and where my children attended school.  Same location but altogether different.
This year I had to have a police check before I could volunteer. You have to show your license at the door, then a copy of your face and license goes on your id badge.  Wow.
Bugg's sweet teacher graciously turned over the morning to me and bunnies.  We patted bunnies, ate bunny snacks, read bunny stories, acted out Knuffle  Bunny with a laundry basket, and wrote about our own little bunny.
As I said, it seemed like such a hectic week. I couldn't figure out why.  I always go to a ridiculous extreme when I visit their classrooms. I realized I've never done both rooms in a day, so that was certainly part of it.   Anywhoo, knowing Thursday birthday night would be full up, I told Handy Man that putting ears on the bunnies was my number one Wednesday night job.  I get out all the bunny ear paraphernalia on the table and start cutting ears, when he walks up and sees the box on the table with 25 earless bunnies and says, "Why did you buy bunnies with no ears."  I couldn't even answer him.  I laughed till I cried.  A much needed laugh. When I was finally able to compose myself,  I told him I made those bunnies, but the ears were my least favorite part, so I saved them for last.  Well, that may have come after I told him I bought them on clearance from Oriental Trading and they came with no ears.
All the wee beasts made it to first grade with ears intact and were quickly chosen, given appropriate names like Reeses, Chubs and Rosiebelle and loved almost as much as the real boys.

I was only able to spend thirty minutes with Bean's group, but they were wowed by the squishy circuits and their light bulb journal and eraser.
 We got through yesterday's service without getting rained on.  I made a big display of all of Aunt Lois' escapades during the last eighteen months.  For both Lois and her sister Bett, purple was their signature color.  I sent it home with Bett, hoping she could see her enjoying the children and that it would offer some comfort.  Aunt Bett is the Daddy's last living sibling.

Kudos to Aunt SuZQ and Stephen who did all that needed doing and to Aunt Tish, Debbie and Dave, Uncle Tim, and Ol' Mother Hubbard who got what she meant to me and what is lost. 


  1. that picture of she and her cake is one of my favorites!

  2. I like your photo display and the bright color. I hope it helps. On a brighter note -- those little bunnies are so cute! They must love having you come visit the classroom!