Friday, September 27, 2013

And the Birthdays Go On

So this week my little Missy Bugg turned seven.  How can that be?  Sweet-Tee turns five and Great Uncle Tim and Gardner E. can tell their ages themselves if they want to.
Another Playdate birthday.

We had a surprise visit by Wee Willie and he and Swee-Tee's Mom and Daddy.
Then before the evening was out, more surprise birthday folk.  Granny Wandy's big day is next Tuesday. Aunt Tish's was earlier in September. Lands.

I've suffered from a bit of  melancholy this week, no surprise there.  My school went with the same calendar as Bean and Bugg's. I had today off and that is the only day I'll have off that they would be in school. So I went to do my annual visit in their classroom.  Sadly our elementary school now stops at 4th grade and this was my last time to  win the "Grandma of the Day"  award  wowing  Bean's friends with something cool.  I had that on mind when he asked me to go the creek with him last night.  Nine years that boy and I have spent in this creek, and still it calls to both of us and I am so glad.

 And my personal little package of joy believed he needed to try pop rocks for the first time.  He was not much impressed and ran straight to the candy dish to chase it with a jelly bean.  Gardner E. had never tried them either and her reaction was even better than Giddy-Up's.  Too funny.
Later he and I needed every  - single  - tractor,  and digger for, well, digging.  We were hard at work on a playground.  Then Pap wandered over and he wanted Pappy to play too.   Then Mama wondered over to give the bad news that it was time to go.  Under his breath he said, just loud enough for Pappy and I hear, "Go Away."   Somehow we managed not to give in to a fit of laughter. Rotten Butt.
 Great Uncle Tim is strumming my birthday present.  Yep, I've taken up guitar.  Well, actually he's taken up my guitar that I hope to learn to play sometime.

Playdates have not only allowed me to have some of the most wonderful and dear experiences with my littles, but I've have absolutely loved having a ringside seat to my baby brother making wonderful memories with his own littles.  Who knew that rotten little kid would grow up to be someone I so cherish. Gee, I think I'm just going float through the rest of this week on my tears.
Such cuteness, I can hardly stand it.

I've shared here before that I am not a fan of video games. I believe that time spent on them is a colossal waste.  The kids held off a long time, but Bean got a game system last year.  Thankfully, they waited long enough.  I never see it. He's still all about play.  Last night it was seeing how many different little people vehicles he could use to propel himself down the hill.  Greater fun can't be had and makes this Gramerly smile big.

Working on a Playdate picture collage of Aunt Lois.  Though I could write pages, I've about finished up her eulogy for services on Sunday.   Oy Vey.

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  1. Your pictures are wonderful as always -- and you must be wrong about her being 7. Just can't be! I know tomorrow will be a struggle for you and everyone, please know I will be thinking of you, sending hugs.