Sunday, September 15, 2013

A Playdate Birthday

  I told the fam that we'd celebrate my birthday on Playdate and Rae-Rae brought the cupcakes.  I told her that would be my one time cheat of the week, but she had to take any extras home. I'm not really a cupcake lover usually, but now, just the white sugar in a bowl looks appealing and she makes one, a lemon cupcake that I love.  It was delicious. She made some chocolate too that the kidlets didn't seem to mind.
Mr. Giddy-up needed a pre-supper and a post-supper cupcake, which is the right way to celebrate birthdays.  Unless of course, there would happen to be a supper cupcake.

Do you see the word "Sucker" written on my forehead?  Look closer, it's there.
Anyway, he's very into dirt and trucks and cars.  For his birthday, I bought him a Bruder firetruck and was pretty impressed, so I've since scoped out those toys when visiting The Home Store or TJMax, seeing if I could find another of that brand.
 I found a concrete mixer many weeks back and have had in the back of the car ever since.  One Playdate,  shortly thereafter, I needed something out of the car, opened the back with him on my hip, and he spied the box.  He asked for it and I hurriedly shut the door, knowing he only got a glimpse, and told him that was for another time and went on about our business. He's talked about that concrete mixer ever since.  So, here we were, in a pile of dirt with his trucks and he's still talking about the concrete mixer.  Can you guess the end of this story? Ahem.
Off I went to retrieve it. And music to my ears followed. "I love this concrete mixer." "Mines concrete mixer is the best." Well then.
I could just smooch that little dirty face all over!

The next hour was spent in some serious concrete mixing.  I might add that I enjoyed my birthday cupcake after my first employment as concrete mixer's assistant with concrete mix (dirt) from head to toe.  
I don't know what I was thinking anyway. You can't mix concrete in the winter.


  1. A belated Happy Birthday! Sure wish I had one of those chocolate cupcakes and I'm very proud of you for only eating one -- could not have been easy. Just love those little frosted faces! Glad you had a Grandma victory with the cement mixer.

  2. I don't know this brand of toy, but he is certainly having a ball! Happy birthday belatedly.