Saturday, April 23, 2011

Some Baby Love

It was hard being at school this week. I had planned to take off at least a day or two, but we don't have a big substitute pool and three people were already out Monday. So I showed up there everyday, but my heart was somewhere else.
On Friday, a sweet mom who subs volunteered to come in and take my class. I went in and got things settled, stayed to do Stations of the Cross with my fourth graders, who were reading for the service, then left.
I ran and did the last minute Easter Dinner shopping, then headed to Louisville for some baby love.
Such sweetness. Our new grandboy is one week old already. Billi counts going down, NO tethered spine-praise the Lord! Mommy slowly returning to the land of the living. He is a snuggly boy I am happy to report.
Still a bit jaundice, but headed the right directions now. He has a terrific sucking instinct and anything is fair game. He thinks his little fingers are a delicious treat, and is in heaven when he finds his wee thumb.

Whilst I was Gramerly of the Weekend, This was Grandma of the Week, saying bye to the boy for a day or of two of a much deserved rest.

And lastly, my baby, doing what she likes best, smooching on her baby. I haven't posted any piks of her yet, as her lack of any color was a bit distressing. Still, there is quite a contrast between her and Gideon's kind of nice orangey tone. She is better and before long we'll have some shots of back to health Mama and baby. Again, much appreciation for the your prayers.

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