Saturday, April 16, 2011

All is Calm

Gideon Tolan Bailey 7 lbs 15 1/2 ounces 21 inches long
Welcome to the world baby boy.
And under that cap-

Thunder is over, and my fondest hope and prayer is that this crisis with Rae-rae is mostly behind us. I came home this afternoon after she was well past the reactionary stage of the transfusion. I slept soundly.
I woke to good news. They told us to expect a one point rise per pint of blood. It was 4. 4 and she received two pints. While certainly it would make her feel better, 6.3 is no great shakes. Drum roll- Blood count 7.7- hallelujah!
Though it is with great difficulty on my part, I am going to stay home. They think they can manage now and Michael's mom is camping out in the waiting room in case they need to call in a back-up.
Isn't life weird sometimes? To me, through most of this experience, it seemed like Raechel was still, I don't know, fourteen. Not in how she acted, she was most courageous throughout, but in how she looked and how I felt. It's is challenging for me to walk away from that.
She isn't fourteen, however and with some renewed health, she and Michael are up for the task.
So, perhaps it's back to just being an excited grandma for a new perfect boy and his Mama and Papa.
Again, thank you so sincerely for every phone call, meal and smile. Mostly for storming heaven's gates. Raechel has always been just like me. Her most fervent hope in all of growing up was getting to be a mommy. Then before you turn around twice, she's found Prince Charming, and that long awaited boy shaped joy is pulled out into the world into her waiting arms. I have it, in living color-her sitting up in the birthing chair, one last push and two little hands are up and two mommy hands swoop him right up into her arms. We laugh, and cry and smile and turn around again, suddenly, unexpectedly, terrifyingly, to all my thoughts going back to my baby, the one on her head, who's blood pressure, heart rate and oxygen are dropping through the floor. Who looks more dead then many dead people I've seen. Surely, my own heart stopped for a time and screamed, "No, No, this baby needs this mommy." And it did not beat true until she was the kid I recognized this afternoon. Thank you Jesus.
So Lord, Bless this new family with long life, good health and a peaceful end. For all things Lord, we offer you praise!
Welcome to the world, Baby Gideon. You are a blessed boy and I am a blessed Gramerly!

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