Tuesday, April 26, 2011

In My Easter Bonnet

We were blessed with warm weather, and a break in the torrential rains for about three hours Easter afternoon. So, we took the swimmies off the Easter Eggs and decided to hunt instead of bobbing for eggs.
It was a very special day in and of it self, but made more so by Aunt Lois and cousin Randy being able to attend. She has not been to visit here in a very long time. We celebrated her birthday all together.
Then, a new little bunny added to the clutch never hurts either. Gideon slept Easter away in Mommy's arms.
Behold, a bunch of pictures. Not the best pictures I might add. The adults come hungry and the kidlets want to change so they can play. That makes it hard for the hostess to be much of a photographer. Well, I tried.

A family friend made these hand smocked dresses, and no way were they changing until I had some sort of picture.

The bluest eyes you've ever seen are at Gramerly's, and the hills are pretty green at the moment too.

And they're off, to slosh through the swamp in search of treasure!
No, guess we don't have an age limit on who can hunt.

Antebellie has a tough time deciding who she is most in love with, Jakee or Michael.
Ahhh, their first family Easter picture. Rae-rae is starting to look like herself again. Thank you Jesus.

And lastly, the front porch picture. I guess I have one of these for the twenty five or so years I've been hosting the Easter festivities. It kind of makes me teary. How the ones who were hunting are now helping the babies. The babies I took pictures of now hide the eggs for the little ones. Of the ones who aren't here. Maybe I love Fiddler on the Roof so much because I am such a sucker for tradition myself. It is like there is two of me. One, rejoicing in the blessings of the those present, another side grieving those not there. I didn't really know if I could pull off Easter this year. Actually, I couldn't have without Handy Man helping me so much. I didn't do nearly the things I usually do, but no one seemed to notice, there was lots of good things to eat, and nothing I could ever pull off is as fabulous as stomping through the creek and screaming and running every time you find the hole with Darth Vadar's bones. Seriously, what could top that?

Ceece here! While Gramerly was busy hostessing I snapped a couple pictures too!


  1. What beautiful Easter pictures. You have a lovely family.

  2. I know what you mean about not thinking you can pull off a holiday after a stressful time. But just having everyone together is the most important thing. It may not have been up to your usual standards, but it looks as if everyone had a great time.

  3. Ceece, ahh, such cute piks-love the one of Ben.

    Shari and Susan- thanks, I do think the kids had a big time. I so enjoyed the creek theatrics.