Friday, April 15, 2011


update 4:00 Raechel just had a bad reaction to the blood. This day has been a million years long, have mercy. She is need of some prayers
update-Okay, hoping we're soon to be out of the woods
it's 1:30 and we're still in Labor and Delivery.
Her blood count is only 5.3
that is way, way low, so she needs a transfusion
maybe she'll get in an actual room sometime today
I would never have guessed that a drugfree labor and delivery would result in my kid being on pitocin, oxygen, antibiotic, blood transfusion and painkillers, wow
Gideon is a beautiful boy and Raechel did great until afterwards. It's 3 1/2 hrs post baby and she's had four shots to stop the bleeding, she's on oxygen. Please pray the bleeding stops.
I'll update when I can. We are all spent.


  1. prayers and thoughts are with you.

  2. I will keep good thoughts for all of you.

  3. We have been praying all day and will continue to pray. Bless her heart. I feel so awful for her. God will see her through this and she will be home with that sweet boy before she knows it! Thanks so much for the updates and much love to all.