Sunday, August 22, 2010

Uh, Blek

1st Lt. has a flooring company and we've been host to some leftover flooring for sometime, like a year. We host a lot of 1st Lt. projects, mostly wee folk, but dogs, trailers, vans, boats, to name a few- I digress. Anyway, since our carpet is very old and this wood flooring is wasting away in the back of the Cluckingham Palace, we decided to put in a new floor. Strange how quickly life flips around on you. Now 1st Lt. and Drummer Boy are bossing me and Handy Man around.
" This quarter round, this paint, this design," period the end, with a "I mean, you can do whatever you want," tacked on. Cracks me up! 1st Lt. has been doing this awhile and bringing Drummer Boy right along with him, and Rae-rae too, who gave a ten minute sermon on the virtues of wood flooring when I nearly backed out of doing it ALL in wood. So, since we've made no changes here in like a hundred years, well fifteen, I'm going to trust them-Silken Touch paint it will be.
Of course the old carpet has to come out. Bean now knows how to take off this wood strip with a little pry bar thingy and a hammer-be still my heart. Love that boys heart, he did almost the whole room by himself.
Handy Man reported that the floor was a lot further down than it used to be.

You know the carpet can't go and the wood flooring come without moving out all the stuff. This very nearly makes me ill. I have a lot of stuff and I like it left where I put it. I don't like anyone moving my junk around. The last time, when they put in a new kitchen/family room floor, I nearly despaired from living in spot of about 8 by 10 feet for several weeks. When I needed milk, I had to go down the hall, through the front door, around the house, onto the back porch, then back-good times. I felt like a pioneer. Now I can even run over to Cluckingham Palace and chop the head off a chicken, except I don't chop heads, or anything else off chickens. I would not have been a good pioneer. I am not a good pioneer now. Where will I sit in the morning when the sun peeks over the trees and lights the room where I'm reading my scripture and sipping warm coffee. It won't be the same anywhere else. Have mercy, what a whiner. I'll try to cultivate some thankfulness that I have some coffee to sip and get over my bad self.

Still no word on how things will proceed with Kaye's foot. We are all sick, but Pete most of all.
He has tried so very long and hard to move her forward and this certainly feels like a backslide.
I ordered some new games for home and school. Along with pioneering, I'm not great at games either. A couple of these, made my some German guy who is obviously way smarter than me, were a bit complicated for my taste. Michael and Rae-rae came and showed us how to play. It was fun.
I'll take a picture and share about them another time.

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  1. That doesn't even look like the same room without all the 'accessories!'.