Saturday, August 7, 2010

Too Hot for Princesses

In addition to Wednesday's Playdate, I also keep the Gramerlings on Fridays. Buttercup usually comes early and leaves before nap time. Bean and Bugg arrive late morning and stay as long as possible, usually till near bed time. On our last Friday, Ol' Mother Hubbard was able to come and visit with Ol' Henry and Antebellie while the babies were napping at home with My Kate.
Usually, on Playdates, we don't get out the dress-up clothes because it is hot and messy and mostly outside play. My little princesses wanted to get on their appropriate attire for a day of pretending, so I let them. We headed outdoors and Bean and Ol' Henry went to the dry creek to destroy whatever enemy lurks in those parts.

Ol' Mother Hubbard and I were visiting on the porch when we heard some serious giggling coming from the side yard. She checked and then advised me to come and see what was so funny.

In the wash tub in all their finery. Well, they managed to leave off the boas and tiaras, but tutu was floating everywhere amongst bejeweled shoes and princess dolls. They found this quite hysterical. All princess accouterments survived the bath.
As the baby population grew, I knew that old dolphin swing wasn't going cut it. I wanted so much to buy an actual park/playground swing, where you can swing high, but they cost hundreds of dollars. So, we found the best deal for what we had to spend and hoped for the best. Most every Playdate began and ended on the swings.
What was interesting to watch was the way the medium little people started swinging the wee people of their own accord.

When 10th month baby Noah visited, Miss Linee, just two herself, wanted to swing him, and she did so carefully, talking sweetly to him the whole time.
Still, the great love is the blue dolphin swing. Handy Man replaced the ropes again and made the new ones the same length, but I guess the nylon stretched a bit. Bean was devastated that his feet touched the ground. I told him I would dig him out a spot. He is in no way ready to part with being swung in this swing, though he is quite capable of swinging himself on the other swing, or swinging someone else. I'm not ready either.

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