Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Butterflies in the Mist

What's up with the butterflies this year? They are everywhere and so very lovely. They are still just swarming the butterfly bush and the creek-nice to see.
Drummer Boy and Buttercup came tonight, as did Bean and Bugg. Mommy and Baby are doing good, except for baby wanting to sleep all day and stay up all night. Hopefully, they'll get that turned around soon.
Bean said school is terrible, everyone there thinks it's terrible, cause you can't have any fun at all. Ahhh. I miss them.
We have lots of fun in fourth grade. I started teaching them to sign today. They just think it's hysterical when I sign what I'm saying. Then they want me to just sign, though they can't figure out any words, which produces more laughter. I've always wanted to really teach a class to sign, but so many other things crowd that out. Maybe since I have a small class, I'll actually be able to this year and by the end of the year, I won't have to talk.

Remember when Handy Man tilled in the middle of summer? That's the spot where we made the mud pond.
We'll, it's not muddy now.
We have the most prolific weeds known to man. Crazy weeds.
I'm hoping he can till again to put in a second round of mustard greens, lettuce and spinach.
Lettuce is so ridiculously expensive, I hope we can harvest another crop.


  1. How exciting, teaching fourth-graders to sign! As a former teacher, I can testify that it's the things that aren't in the curriculum that are often remembered longest. Yes, it's important to teach them the basics, but the basics are received much better when there is also time for creative learning.

  2. So true. I teach in a parochial school, so I've always taught them to sign the songs they sing in mass, but never fully as a language. These guys are up for it I think.