Friday, August 13, 2010

A Sweet Meal

You know the first week back at school is kinda crazy. I always come home very late and completely exhausted. Handy Man was kind enough last evening to have dinner going when I got home- smoked sausage and cabbage. Apparently, he thought he'd use the trusty ol' Mrs. Dash for a bit of flavoring. In perusing the spice cabinet, he grabbed what he thought to be a familiar looking bottle and proceeded to douse the cabbage. It was candy sprinkles, not Mrs. Dash! He declared, "Well, it had one of those sprinkle tops like Mrs. Dash." I said, "Yes, as do most all the other bottles in the spice rack." I was glad he told me, cause I would've of worried that we were ingesting some multi-colored mold on the old cabbage. A little salt, pepper and seasoning and all was well with the meal I only needed to add a finishing touch to. Not everyone has such a colorful dinner I bet. Thanks honey. I so appreciate the effort.

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