Saturday, April 17, 2010

Joy in a Bottle

Remember Jim Croce and Time in a Bottle? I was thinking of that song today when I was swinging Buttercup. I wish I could bottle her joy. It is so full and so all-encompassing over something as simple as a long ride in the "Weeeeeee!"

She starts asking as soon as comes through the door. Her next request is for "Bap," but her Bap was at work, so I had to do.
Then, Bap came home. The whole time he ran in to change his shoes she'd point to the house and say, "Bap, shoes." I would say again, "Yes, Pappy had to change his shoes, but he'll be right out- (dang-it Pap, c'mon).
Finally the beloved swinger of the "Weeeeeee" arrived and the look on that little face says it all.

Here he comes!He's gonna do it.

"I'm so excited," tiny hands clasped
together in anticipation annnnddddddd................................. we're off!
"Isn't my pap just the greatest!"

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