Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Kaye Up to the Minute Confusing News

I knew when I had no word at 10 today, that Kaye made it through the night without getting worse. The doc told Pete to call him at 10, so I waited a bit, then called. Doctor says he saw the lab report and is sending a two week oral antibiotic to the Rite-Aid. Umm, wait just minute, the same one who said it was next to impossible to treat this infection if it occurs again?
Please note that Kaye was on an IV antibiotic for 4 weeks, when the bacteria mutated and rendered her comatose, then it took days in the hospital to find one she'd respond to, then five weeks on that. So Pete asked how this Klebsillia was different from that Klebsillia and the doc said he hadn't really looked at her past record and this is what he was sending.
I have no earthly idea if good medicine is being practiced here, for if Pete is being placated, but if Kaye ends up the the horrible shape she did before, then what? Oh yeah, I will be horrified for her, and broken hearted, mad and none of that will be able to pull her out of the clutches of these endless infections.
Are you as confused as me, or do I just have screw loose (be kind) and this makes perfect sense to everyone else?

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