Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Frosty the Sn, Jingle Bel, Santa Claus is, We wish

The title is bits of what you will hear if you walk into our happy home on poopie night.
When Mr. Bean was one, I purchased a snowman, about two feet tall, that swung his snowflake and tipped his hat while singing Frosty the Snowman. This turned out to be one my very favorite Christmas memories, because our little toddling Bean loved nothing better than to push the button and dance while Frosty sang. Then, anytime the boy would see a snowman, even the one on my Christmas shirt, he'd press on it and look at you expectantly until you broke out into a rendition of Frosty, and he'd dance. When Handy Man, who typically refuses to sing, would give it a whirl in the middle of Kroger where Bean located a pack of napkins with a snowman on it, I knew he was really a papaw.
Since then we've accumlated quite an assortment of singing critters and Missy Bugg loves to hear them all at the same time, it's quite loud at Gramerly's at Christmas. I added two to the collection recently.
Tonight, when I picked them up, I told them I had a surprise when we got home. Bugg said, "For both of us." I replied, "I have a surprise for each of you." "Okay," came the sweet little voice from the back, followed by, "You can give my brother his first." She can be the sweetest bit of cuteness on the planet. I won't ruin the moment by bring up anyway else she can be-ha.
Well, it was a big craft night as Bean has wanted to make pins and use the "real" glue gun for sometime. The moment had arrived. Bean has done a lot of things I wouldn't let most little ones I know do. He has always been the best listener, and does just what you ask him.
Tah dah, Bean glued pins!
They are beautiful.

It was fun to listen to him think about
which pin he wanted to give to which person.
. Alas, crafting was not yet done as his new puppy (he barks a song-I'm a glutton for punishment) needed a Christmas present, so he made him a bracelet, wrapped it and put it under the tree. He said though that he was going to write "dog" on the package, cause he could spell that and he can't yet spell "puppy."
Miss Bugg made a santa hat, which I will show off when it's dry. She has an abnormal amount of patience for art projects for a three year old.
She was also busy stickering a little princess mirror that is supposed to make a magical sound. She was sitting way upstairs in the crib, stickering away, when the press of a button failed to produce the expected sound of magic. Immediately she begins yelling, "Pap!" "Hey, Pappy!" "A battery, this isn't working!" She thinks her Pap makes magic too and can hear her and supply her needs eventhough he is outside.
I called Kaye this evening and she said she wasn't feeling too good, but maybe she would be tomorrow. Bless her heart.

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