Friday, December 25, 2009

A Big Week of Christmas

Christmas busyness begins in earnest for me about when I put up the last of the Thanksgiving dishes. When you work in a Catholic School, it's Christmas every day. Then, with my own kids last Sunday.

A friend had given me a Christmas movie her children had outgrown with characters having both Antebellie and O'Henry's name. I made a date to watch it with them on Tuesday past. Of course, I had a little gift for them and had made pot of black beans, and they like black bean omelets. I called Aunt SueZQ and asked her join us, and she brought her grandboy, Big Al. A good time was had by all.

At a craft fair in the fall, an elderly woman was selling these little drawstring purses that open and fold down to reveal a tinest baby with a tinier crocheted dress. I was likely her best client. I wish I had a video of Miss Linee cuddling and smooching that littlest doll, so sweet.
The chickie girls provided the eggs and each wee one in turn chose an egg, shook it up and made their omelet and we enjoyed a yummy dinner together. Then we all gathered in the kitchen, as we are easily entertained, and enjoyed watching a flat silver pan expand into a blimp, as we popped up some Jiffy Pop. It was very Christmasy.

Yesterday, I headed to Kaye's around one to help Pete and Ol' Mother Hubbard aka Tiff and David, make their Christmas dinner. She was feeling good and helped peel potatoes and stir up green bean casserole. Then O M Hubbard left to get the cherubs while we set the table. I was able to get a picture upon their return.
Then I headed to my Mama's to have Christmas with her. Mom seems to be about the best she's been in several weeks and was enjoying the company of all her people. Bean and Bugg were there so we visited for awhile and when it was time to leave, they wanted to come home with us, so we brought them out for a couple of hours, tracked Santa on radar, and when it appeared he might be close, they headed home. As we were driving here, Bugg was very interested in that baby Jesus and what happened to Him, so I told the whole story to the end, that marks our beginning.
Today SueZQ invited us to bring chickie girl eggs and have brunch and go to a movie. This day was truly spent like no other Christmas for me. Brunch was delicious, the movie was fun and I survived.
Hope everyone enjoyed a peaceful day.

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