Thursday, December 3, 2009


Mom called last night. I expected it. I knew in the coming days she would need lots of contact. Since the egg basket is overflowing, I stopped by to see her on my way to the grocery with a dozen. It always leaves me sad. She had a brace on her foot, an ice pack on her knee, a pillow form around her neck and oxygen in her nose. For someone who loved doing, it is so hard for her. I do believe she's breathing a bit better. This watching someone leave this world is quite a stressor. I know we'll need to hover close by.

Is it just the lot of being female to always feel pulled in multiple directions. As I was leaving, she asked me to make her some Mexican Cornbread and told me I really disappointed her when I made it at Kaye's and didn't bring her any. I remember that Sunday. It was a Kaye day and I try to make supper for her and Pete and then make ours at the same time, then I was going to drop some off to mom. My original plan was to do just that, but as usual, plans changed. Ceece and 1st Lt. needed a sitter at 4, and Miss Bugg had been begging to see her best friend Antebellie. I had Antebellie and O Henry's birthday gift, so I said for 1st Lt. to drop the kiddos off to me at Kaye's and I would take them to play at their cousins and deliver the presents. 1st Lt needed his Dad's truck, so he then took Handy Man's dinner to him. Alas, another stop didn't make it into the agenda.
Tonight I ran by with the eggs, but had two errands to run to be ready for the Gingerbread House Party and because I'm teaching rocks and need to make an edible example of sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic rock, to move it from my students short term to long term memory, and had to be back at PTO meeting at 6:30, so no time to cook supper for Handy Man. Then I feel disappointed in myself, but sometimes, I just can't make it all work.
I do believe however that the above paragraph contains the world's longest sentence.

At PTO, the question came up about Christmas gifts for teachers. First, I expressed that my students don't owe me a gift at Christmas. Ones that are handmade and heartfelt are appreciated, but really, mugs and favorite teacher ornaments are, well, not so much. I mean if the intention is to spend five bucks, I'd rather have a gift card to the local coffee shop for five bucks. Same for fragrant lotions, bubblebath etc. Handy Man buys my favorites and I have no real need for more. Gift cards to places like Hobby Lobby means way less is spent out of my pocket on their kiddos. It surprised to me hear that some parents were surprised to know a teacher would like that. Typically parents have no idea how much money we spend out of our own pocket every year. My kids do a ton of projects and most of it I pay for. I did have someone in leadership for a time who would help me out, which was certainly lovely. Anyway, I was glad they asked.

One reason I love teaching in a Catholic School is that I get to celebrate Advent with my students every day. We turn off the lights, light the candle, have a devotion, scripture, prayer and song in the candlelight. In this season of craziness, it is sometimes the very best part of my day.

What's the best part of your day?

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