Sunday, July 10, 2016

Home, Tired

Just returning today from our big two weeks away. Well, at least for me. A week for all other involved parties.
Too tired to post much. Looking very forward to my own bed this evening, but it was a big time.
The dolphin swimming was as amazing as the first time.

 and some sweet memories of five years ago

 So thankful for a time of rest, a time for joy, and safe trip- Thank you Lord!


  1. glad everyone is home. thanks for some great memories! (look at my little handsome monkey!)

  2. I could look at that picture forever, so sweet.

  3. What a wonderful time. I can't imagine swimming with dolphins. If I see them when we go to the beach I always feel like they bring good luck. Heard they keep the sharks away and I am all for that too!

    1. They really are amazing creatures. You would love it I know.