Thursday, June 23, 2016

Sunny is Good

Playdate's forecast was for hot on hot and more pop up storms.  Last week we dodged storms all day and I wasn't particularly looking forward to that again, but whatcha goin' do?  Nary a drop of rain the live long day, hooray!
The Vet Clinic was open and as is usual, lots of bandaged pets. Then we move to the People Clinic.

Well, a break from doctoring to pick a blackberry snack might be in order.

 Playdate began with these boys and I feel a catch in my throat and a sting in my eyes when I look at these pictures.  They are growing up, neither one the least bit intimidated by this newborn.
Though new braces put a hurting on Ol' Henry, he was thrilled at his turn to hold our newest angel boy.

 I'm amazed how well they manage him.
I love this picture of Our Kate and her boy.  He gets a lot of that at Playdate.

Seriously, how cute can one creek Pixie be?  She flies through the creek crawling and babbling like a brook.
 As is usual, the second half of the afternoon was spent here.  Who knew this little bit of rock, water and wonder would be paradise- blessed am I.


  1. That little Pixie really does have just the sweetest face! You are so lucky to have the creek and to have all of them! Can you imagine the stories they will have to share with their little ones when they grow up!

  2. I sure hope they'll have lots of good stories to tell.
    I am blessed.