Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Rolling on Number Five

This post will not begin with a littlest bit and his littlest fishy.  Due to Bean's obsession with all things fish, my sweet Bugg was not remotely interested in a fishing date with Papp.  As she had checked all but two of the offered activities, I planned to ask how she wished to begin.  She beat me to the house though, and she and Pap had already been busy in the woodshop.  Already her wood piece was designed.  Remembering I suppose the "Where is the popcorn picture?" text, she and Pap made a detour into the house for the camera and were returning to the shop when I pulled in.
The original plan was to make a fairy house.  I went with them to cut limbs for the legs.
Her bottom piece looked like a butterfly and the top shelf like a turtle.  She was quite invested in whole project.  

 What a terrific listener.
 She was surprised by how many different saws they used and she wanted to use them herself.  After sanding, it was time to cut the pins to hold it together.
 When I first thought that the girls could make fairy houses, I had in mind something small, like a saucer size. Her pieces were significantly larger.  When it was time to cut the limbs, I inquired to whether she preferred a fairy house, or to use longer legs and make a book shelf.  She decided she wanted the potential for a book shelf, but could then use it for dolls when she wanted to.  Clever girl.  This was my favorite picture of the evening.  She was so proud of her shelf.
 It was time to eat.  She ordered tacos and I let her make them.
 Next up was a science experiment.  More GAK and though she's done this project several times the magic is still present.

 A little autumn art again swirling around my kitchen.

 While we were in the shop, I picked up a little wood scrap and told her we could make a sign with the wood burner.

 She wanted a sign that said, "Library."  Be still my heart.
 She then found another scrap and decided that two signs were in order.  One for books from school and one for books from the public library.
She really liked posing for pictures in the "peeking through" pose.
 A sweet ending to a busy, productive date.
This child is just a delight to do activities with. She is patient, interested, a good listener and a great follower of directions.  I recall at only a so tiny two, sitting contentedly by my side with whatever I gave her while I did crafts with her brother.
This picture was October 6, five years ago.  Our first chickens started laying and she was thrilled to find that first egg.  She also collected all the golf balls (fake eggs to get the girls to lay in the boxes).
Then she got to cook her own egg
These pictures make me feel slightly hysterical.  Where did those five years go?


  1. Oh my sweetest Bugg. So special and so sweet. Thanks for her big time

  2. How fun...they sure do grow up fast!