Saturday, February 1, 2014

A Heat Wave

Well, for I believe maybe the third time since November, it is around fifty degrees.  Each of those days have started a bit nerve wracking and ended up lovely.  You see, if your bee girls made it, they will come out to potty, clean the hive,  and in all likelihood, just breathe some fresh air.  I can't imagine the fun they've had this winter trying to keep Queenie Bee high and dry and somewhat less than frozen. If they didn't make it, well, no such activity would be observed.  So, you nervously wait for the warmest part of the day, then sort sneak up on the hive, hoping you remain upright and in an uphill direction whilst the slimy, muck is trying to suck off your shoes. Peer around, and......  bee girls galore, flitting around all over, dragging dead bodies out, feeling the wind on their tiny bee faces. Handy Man asserts that, "They sure seem happy."  Good enough for me.
This "Frozen" of our own hasn't seemed to faze the chickens or the pooch. Of course the bunny boys experience the same climate year round.
As for my other critters?
Giddy-up begins every visit the same way if circumstances are right- first a treat, then into Bean's lap for some play. I believe Giddy-up would sit there all day, and Bean hangs in till his legs fall asleep.

Playdough has become a favorite again of late.

 Cpt. and Bean practicing their two songs. Sweet to see them working together.

It's that time of year and Valentine Playdate this year will be a Valentine Dance.  You cannot have too many holiday decorations for Missy Bugg.  Here we are all creating Valentine Buntings to spruce up this grey February. Gramerly's immune system has not weathered this winter well and my hair is falling out by the handfuls along with all my curl.  Weird.
 Poor Gwanfader, the things we girls  put him through.

 Can't forget those Christmas clearanced rice krispie kits.  Painting and eating rice krispie trains are in no matter the season.

Course painting is more fun in an evening gown don't ya know.
We while away the winter.

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  1. Looks like a good time was had by all -- and now I want rice krispy treats! Sugar is my weakness... Sure hope you get to feeling better, too.