Sunday, January 26, 2014

You Are My Sunshine

So, we're having so very much more winter than we've been accustomed to these last few years.  This is National Catholic's School Week, so instead of my church, I attended the church where most of student's attend. We all sit together and several of us teachers wrestle the three and four year olds for most of the service.  You might guess that we don't get much from the service and generally, you'd be right.  Today was different.  I don't know the point of the priest's homily, but a homily of a different sort was playing out on the pew in front of me.  One of our wee folk was sitting just left of a warm and clearly delightful beam of sun pouring through the stained glass, across the altar and onto the child next to him.  He didn't try to shove his friend out of such a warm and inviting spot. No he just reached his chubby hands out into that warm sunshine, grabbed two handfuls and pulled it to his chest, again and again.  I imagine he was nearly filled up with sunshine before we were done.  It made me smile and remember that the sun never goes away. You can just sit there on the dark side, or you can fling your hands, open wide into that sunshine and grab you some. I'll ponder that image and those chubby hands for a long time.  Thank you Lord.


  1. What a beautiful scene -- the innocence of children. Hope things start to warm up soon.

  2. Lovely story. I hope you were able to grab some of that sunshine for yourself. You've been through a lot.