Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Hunger Games August 19, 2013

Hunger is actually rather a misnomer for this adventure.  We aren't hungry.  And on Saturday we strayed from the plan.  You might imagine a far more fancy faire for our slip, but it was wings at Zaxby's, along with french fries.  I knew if we veered off the path, it should still have a considerable protein. Zaxby's wings are not breaded and we like them, so.  It actually was a late lunch, twoish, so we had a handful of nuts for supper.
Clearly, it didn't impact the Handy's Man's success one iota-five more pounds.  Yep, two weeks in and fifteen pounds for him.  He said he was perfectly content on this plan (though I noticed he ate every last one of those fries, I left some, thank you) and will stay on it forever if I'm interested in planning and packing his every meal.  He claims he's surprised by how much better his legs and feet feel. While some reflux is still present, coughing has halted almost completely and there have been none of those middle of the night awful bouts.  All the planning and work of meals make it worth it to me to see this progression in healing in only two weeks.
I guess our slip had no impact on me either because I still didn't lose a single pound. I told the Handy Man that if it weren't for him weighing, I would go get a new scale. I mean it has not moved for me at all. I can't imagine that your weight wouldn't fluctuate in some way.  Ugghhhhh. Seriously people, how can you pull off twenty pounds of honey and not eat it or make something of it, yet lose no weight? That seems so wrong. I must be absorbing it through my skin.
So, I keep trying to figure out what I'm doing wrong, or what can I do more right.  I decided to go back to the smoothie recipe as there is a lot of hype on the benefits of whey protein.  In Trim Healthy Mama they have a recipe with cocoa. I tried it, couldn't do it.  Then I tried it with cinnamon and vanilla- not as bad, not good.  There is only, in this area, one brand of low carb milk that I know of, but I don't mind it if I'm in need of a chocolate fix.  It wouldn't be considered healthy by the Mama's, but I thought to try it.
This is an interesting science experience if nothing else.  Every time I'm kind of entertained, even if I can't drink the result.
In the recipe, you put a half cup of almond milk and a half cup of water in a high end blender. You add cocoa, truvia and this stuff called glucomann that is just fiber and that's all, no carbs, no calories, nothing, oh and  a pinch of salt. Blend it up.  I put way less cocoa and that low carb milk instead of water.
So you blend it and it looks like blended up stuff.
Next you put in two cups of ice, crush. Still looks like a chocolatey mess. Then the magic. You sprinkle in a scoop of whey and hit blend and it grows exponentially up the blender glass and looks exactly like a frosty. It doesn't taste anything at all like a frosty however.  With the chemical milk (I don't know if it's chemical, but I'm guessing) I can drink it.  I also learned not to blend it too much, because if you incorporate too much air, it isn't very cold anymore. I'm not in love with it cold, but it goes down several notches when it's barley cool.
I seldom wake up wanting breakfast, and the thought of it makes me a little yukky, but by ten, when the cooks are going strong in the school kitchen right next door to me, I'm starving.  If I can manage to get a glass of this down, I'm not hungry and haven't done any kind of damage of any kind.  There's very few carbs or fat, just protein and fiber and water. Well, let's not forget some unknown chemicals.
So, that's  my goal for this week. A smoothie for breakfast.
I needed something new for the Handy Man for breakfast, who would be happy to find breakfast in his lap upon sitting up in bed. I wanted to begin to add a few carbs. His weight loss needs to drop to a pound or two a week now. I tried another recipe and he liked it fine.
You blend one cup of oats, one cup of cottage cheese and one cup of egg whites, then make them like crepes.  THM calls them pancakes. I guess they've never eaten my pancakes. Anyway, he can heat up three with some sugar free syrup for breakfast. If you aren't an oatmeal lover, but want to get that oat fiber in, this might work for you.
Tonight I tried the ground flaxseed flatbread recipe.  Well, well.  It doesn't taste like any kind of bread, flat or otherwise that I've ever made. I won't be making it again and my chickie girls will be fortified with some flaxseed.
So, I tell myself once again, I just don't need carbs regardless and Handy Man is healthier. So, it's all good, except when it isn't.

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  1. I am glad Handy Man is healthier -- you probably both are -- but I sure understand the frustration with the scale not budging! Hang in there and thanks for sharing the journey.