Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Hunger Games 8-12-2013

So, we're a bit more than a week in on our new no white stuff plan.  We haven't eaten out once, but I did break down and buy some sugar free jello, and after trying repeated recipes of stuff I simply couldn't eat, I fell back to one I knew would help- Skinny Chocolate.
Now, that is really an interesting name that  low fat followers would scoff at, but the title indicates that eating it over the real stuff makes you skinny, not that the candy itself is any type of skinny.  It's simple really, The Trim Healthy Mama recipe, warm coconut oil (1/2) cup, stir in 4 tsp. Truvia and 1/4 cup of cocoa, pour in a pan, freeze, break into sections.  Just as it's written, I wasn't overly impressed.  I discovered, in my desperate quest for finding something that gives me the notion of sweetness, without my blood sugar acting the fool, that a tiny bit of the real evil stuff goes along to making stevia palatable. One tsp of sugar has only 5 carbs. A piece of chocolate, that tastes real, is more than worth 5 measly carbs.
So, I put a stainless bowl over a pot of hot water into which I place 1/2 cup of coconut oil, which is now believed to contain all sorts of amazing healing properties.  While the water is warming, I place a piece of parchment paper in  a pie plate.  The next part may sound crazy, but it makes the candy to my notion.  I take my mostest favorite salt, Maldor flake salt, just two pinches, which I crush as I sprinkle over the paper. Next, I sprinkle toasted pecans over the paper.  Then I stir the evil sugar and stevia into the oil, then stir in the cocoa. Pour it over the nuts, stick in the freezer.  Later, I pop it out, score and cut into at least eight pieces.  For some reason, that little bit of sugar doesn't dissolve, and with the salt, makes that tiny bit of evilness pop sugary goodness all over your mouth. While I doubt this would be a go to candy if you weren't trying hard to restrict carbs, it works for me when I'm feeling cranky and desperate. Which, by the way, is mostly how I've felt.
I've been told it goes wonderfully with a warm beverage, but I manage okay throughout the day.  It is usually right after supper that I'm feeling like this day was too long and I need a treat.  I don't drink coffee or hot tea that late, so I haven't tried it with something warm. That piece does it.

So, we weighed in on Monday.  This  Monday past was day seven for me, but Handy Man forgot to weigh last Monday, so it was day seven for him too, but six days since he weighed.
Handy Man lost ten pounds. Count them ten, you know as in not one, not two, keep going all the way to ten.
Me- nothing. Nothing to count. Zip, nada, zilch.
Of course, you know don't you, that when I fix myself an egg, I fix him two or three.  He gets two or three servings of meat to my one and I could go on and on, but I won't.
In case you are worried, we don't just eat meat and eggs, I fix vegies every way imaginable and then some.
Well, I can't say I'm surprised, but I can't say I wasn't quite a bit disappointed and disheartened, and did I say depressed.  Though it has limited success, I comfort myself with knowing that at least my pancreas is smiling.
I do truly know that if you can hang in there, the cravings for sugar decrease after about ten days.  I also know sugar is an addiction like anything else. Handy Man doesn't have it. Now grant it, if I had someone preparing me yummy meals and leaving them at my finger tips, this road might be easier on me too, but still.  You go from over consuming carbs all day except supper and you don't miss the sweet stuff one iota? Nope, no "stuck on sugar" problem there.
Perhaps there are more reasons than one to work this plan.  Every time I do, I feel so much more sympathy for people who battle addictions.  I get so tired of thinking about what I'm going to eat next that I could scream.  You have to plan carefully though, or you'll fail.  I've been invited to dinner, or gone to shower, open house, conference, teacher meeting, etc. and there really not be anything without carbs.  Then there's the social piece. When someone brings something to share, it hurts their feelings when you turn it down.  Many aspects to this road. The only good thing, would be losing weight. Oh, well.

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  1. Hang in there! It really is just wrong that men can drop weight so much quicker than women can -- but they can so keep that in mind. You're right, too that you are doing your body so much good and I wish I thought I could do it. I am addicted to sugar -- if I didn't have 2 Dove Dark squares in the evening it would not be pretty!