Sunday, August 25, 2013

Around the Garden

Spent some time meandering in the garden today.  I didn't plant a ton of flowers and my Mexican Sunflower came up from last year. Still, they are putting on quite an end of summer show, and I never tire of soaking it up.

Sunflowers so camouflage my bee girls, but if you look, you can spy her packing her saddle bags with pollen.  From six feet away, I could see them hauling pollen into the hive by the buckets. I am always amazed how those tiny critters carry such a load.
 While I've never made up with okra for eating, it certainly bears a gorgeous bloom.
 The zinnias and tithonia drew lots of visitors.
 I love these because they bloom so late and the color is so deep. It looks like orange velvet. Stunning.
 Tithonia makes no effort to hide her pollen and nectar.

 And tomatoes in morning, tomatoes in the evening, tomatoes at supper time.  Another huge batch of salsa. Love, love, love.

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  1. Sure wish I was there to help you eat those tomatoes! YUM! Your flowers are just beautiful and I am amazed at how many butterflies you have! I do think bees are one of the best things about sunflowers - I loved watching them when we had sunflowers. They would look like they had rolled in the yellow stuff!