Thursday, May 17, 2012


Caution-Long Post
I am not much of a squealer and, traditionally, not a lover of surprises, but today was an exception.  As I've mentioned before, May is so incredibly full, busy, crazy and stressful.  Add some unusual things, like lots of folks I love going through some tough times, my kid leaving for a third world terrorist country and some things I don't even know how to classify,  and it just hasn't been a lot of fun being me.  It seemed as if I have just slogged through this week, trying to keep my emotions in check and my head above water.  
Tuesday was my big fourth grade  field trip to Indy, which includes a long visit at Conner Prairie.  Somehow it was so bittersweet, as that is where 1st Lt. did his training and it was the day of his more official deployment.  That means for a time now, as they actually leave the country, he's off the grid for us.  No more texts, his truck is sitting in my drive, Ceece adrift on this new sea.  Anyway, I got into a conversation with a woman there (volunteer at Conner Prairie), and we got on the subject of 1st Lt.'s deployment and she asked his name and how long he would be gone. She told me, "I will pray for Adam and his family everyday all year."  Ahhh, sweet.  Then I actually got to the talk to the blacksmith that trained him.  Earlier, at the Indiana History Museum and the Capitol, there were military reminders everywhere.
Field trips are always so exhausting for me, without the missing.  I didn't get home until 9:30. Then back to school Wednesday for another full day, all day and then more of the same today.  I was so tired, I had no idea how I was going to get through the evening entertaining the poopies and still have some energy to prepare lunch for the Sisters coming to visit tomorrow.
Anyhoo, I waltzed in this afternoon and there on the table lay a package for me. Hmmm, did I order something?  Airmail?  What is that exactly?  Funny, my next thought was, "Oh, oh, it's from 1st Lt." until I realized, he isn't anywhere to send something airmail yet, duh.  
Wait, wait, could it be the pattern from that nice Australian artist I met through her blog?  Squeeal!  Is that it, she really sent it? I mean, I know she said she would, but people are busy and it's soooo expensive to send packages these days.

But wait, that isn't a flat package. Would a pattern be lumpy?  Let's open it.  Yes, here's the pattern of the lovely little gnomes I so enjoyed. Squeeeal! And this adorable little box. With a tiniest gift card with a wee felt heart and bitsiest felt leaf. Squeeaal! And inside the card, in the loveliest, tiniest writing, a note that read, "A friendship offering, which I hope will be enjoyed."  Be still my heart, such sweetness.

What, I don't believe it! SQEEEAAAL!!! Inside was the family, the cutest ever gnome family, made with the tiniest stitches and the most detail I've ever seen. SQUEEAAAL!

That little basket is full of fall goodness in such minute detail and each piece so perfect.

 Lastly, a beautiful postcard.  Wow! Wow!  Looking back at the package it noted the worth at $20. Wow!  I couldn't even put a price on it.  I have already looked at all of it ten times and every time it makes me smile so big and delights my heart.
I have always been weird about gifts, because I'm weird about things I like.  I do not mean to be, but I've never been into purses, or shoes, or jewelry. It just doesn't do much for me.  I have however always been into woodland lore of fairies, gnomes, elves and am endlessly fascinated with detailed stitchery.  Hence my having to find an audience around the globe, because I've never found anyone close that shares my interest and fascination.
So, I most humbly and gratefully accept the gift of friendship, kindness and thoughtfulness from my "Fruits of the Heart" friend.  Thank you!
But hold on, that wasn't the end of surprises.  I got a second thing in the mail. Can you believe it?  The precious mama of a dear friend sent me a card with the most touching sentiment that melted my heart.
I love, love, handwritten notes and I got two in one day.
So, now it's eleven o'clock, so obviously such lavish surprises energized me for the evenings activities. It's surprising to me sometimes who extends their love in a tangible way that I can carry with me for days. I was truly blessed today.


  1. I am giggling at your Squeeeing! :-)

  2. I enjoyed your post and the pictures. What wonderful surprises! I shared in your joy.

  3. What a wonderful post! You have given all of us a great gift just by sharing! The gnomes are just amazing and I can understand why they bring such a huge smile to your face! I bet they will brighten many days for you.

  4. OH HOW CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I know these simple blessings warm your heart. And I know they deeply warm your heart.
    What a kind person to send those adorable little friends and itsy bitsy basket!!!
    The letter was precious and one you will treasure forever..

    Love you my friend <3